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Meat option:

Carne Asada, Bistec con Papa, Al Pastor, Carnitas, Suadero, Chorizo, Chorizo con Papa, Pollo, Chile Verde, Chicharron en salsa verde/roja. Veggie (Rajas, Elote y Queso)


Mar y Tierra  $26.99

Grilled shrimp and ribeye with melted Oaxaca cheese, topped with guacamole, pico de gallo, green tomatillo sauce and a touch of cotija cheese.

Ribeye Gorditas  $26.99

Homemade yellow corn tortilla shell stuffed with grilled ribeye steak, queso manchego topped with cilantro and onions and sided with a chile de arbol sauce.

Tacos diablo  $19.99

Chile colorado style pork cooked in our delicious homemade spicy Diablo sauce garnished with marinated onion on lime juice, oregano and salt.

Tacos gallo  $19.99

Marinated chicken grilled with jalapeños, onions, bacon, melted cheese and topped with our homemade chipotle sauce.

Tacos Guadalajara  $19.99

Grilled steak, chorizo, grilled onion, queso fresco and fresh avocado slices.

Tacos de birria  $19.99

Beef marinated on its traditional adobo. Served on crispy shell tortillas, with melted cheese and topped with grilled onions,
and a side of beef broth.

Tacos de Marco  $19.99

large hand made yellow corn tortilla, grilled flank steak, bacon, grilled potatoes, melted Oaxca cheese and topped with grilled onions and yellow peppers.

Tacos Poblanos  $19.99

Slow roasted pork covered with our authentic homemade mole sauce.

TacoS FAJITAS  $19.99

Marinated steak and grilled chicken with bell peppers, grilled onions topped with a our homemade serrano avocado sauce and melted cheese.

TacoS DE COCHINITA  $19.99

With traditional slow roasted pork with marinated onion on lime juice, oregano, salt and cucumber



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